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Product Inspiration

Inspired by the materials, textures and shapes of the Central Police Station compound, the Tai Kwun Store collection presents an array of everyday basics which are made of carefully chosen materials and which reference the colours of the site’s architectural features.

Playful and minimalist, Tai Kwun products let visitors savour and relive their experience at home.

Highlighted Products

Hong Kong’s History X Handcrafts Special Collection

A tribute to Hong Kong’s history and handcrafts.
Heritage lifestyle with modern aesthetics.

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Rattan Weaving X Tea Tasting Set

In Tai Kwun’s bygone days, local civil servants as well as those hailing from the UK and India all shared a love for tea.

We proudly present Tai Kwun tea leaves (Wuyi Shuixian Tea / Masala Chai Tea )— created in collaboration with craft tea company Plantation and rattan artist soy sola—a Tai Kwun product merging rattan-weaving art and tea-tasting culture. Sold exclusively in Tai Kwun Store!

DIY Bookbinding X Journal Planner

Motivated by a not-so-distant past when letterpress printing was still popular and books were hand-bound, we invite you to experience the craftsmanship of bookbinding – which mixes old and new – and enjoy making your own hand-bound, unique book. We proudly present the Tai Kwun DIY bookbinding kit – a limited-edition gift item merging bookbinding art and journal design. Sold exclusively in Tai Kwun Store!

Tai Kwun 1st Anniversary Celebration Specials

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Tai Kwun’s opening, Tai Kwun introduces a new anniversary logo symbolising the diversity of programmes it has hosted for the public over the last 365 days, which ranged from heritage, contemporary art to performing arts. A range of limited-edition gift crossovers with tenants will also be on offer to commemorate Tai Kwun’s first birthday.

Tai Kwun Store, HARRISON WONG & Hexadoor (initiated by BLIND) have designed a Tai Kwun Anniversary limited tee, with styles varying from simple black to cartoon, in order to welcome the diverse population visiting Tai Kwun. Now available at the Store!

As lifestyle enjoyment is one of the highlights of Tai Kwun, the Anniversary Celebration Specials involve the lifestyle brands in Tai Kwun, including a terrarium kit created by Bonart,  a brand focus on green & DIY handiwork. Phoenix Sweets launches a limited cookie set with 3 flavours with a special design matching the Tai Kwun icon, serving a tasty and exquisite gift set. To travel lovers, a collaboration with CARFT for 2 designs of the Tai Kwun Anniversary limited Princess Traveller suitcase are in the store now—a well-designed gift with good functionality is there for you!

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Tai Kwun’s Public Art Collection

Tai Kwun Contemporary has commissioned five local and international artists to create public artworks for Tai Kwun. Inspired by these the Tai Kwun store offers some limited collectible items. Bring them home now!

The Japanese artist Izumi Kato (b.1969) depicts human-like creatures that probe real or imagined sources of life. Available for the first time—exclusively for Tai Kwun—as a transparent coloured figurine, this vinyl doll references Kato’s iconic and limited "soft vinyl figurine" series which he began in 2010 and further contributed to his signature soft vinyl sculptures. The figurines refer to Kato’s ongoing experiments with materiality as a volatile element. Their significance lies in their pulsating yet contemplative existence, which subtly evolves beyond process and creation to attain a spirit of their own.