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Let's get on board to DUKLING - The last remaining antique junk boat in Hong Kong

DUKLING - a name of an authentic antique boat in Hong Kong. It was built in 1955 and being a fishermen home for over 20 years. In 1970's, this boat own by a French guy and being transfer to a UK business man in 1980's. Previous, the "Junk-Boat" icon being used by Hong Kong Tourism Board (which before name as Hong Kong Tourism Association) as their association logo, so it was very well know that Junk boat is representing Hong Kong. Starting by 2015, Dukling owned by a Hong Kong people again, we manage it and develop more and more related business & education program.

DUKLING not only repaints the nostalgic pictures for guests all over the world, but also recalls the local's memories of and attachment to the good old days in the port. Drifting across the harbour and this prosperous city, the antique boat DUKLING brings you travel through time, giving you feelings and romantic scene. This DUKLING not only a sailing junk, it's also a memory of all Hong Kong people. The most important thing is - DUKLING is ICON of Hong Kong and representing Hong Kong.

DUKLING @ Tai Kwun

Let travellers feel the culture and lifestyle of the former Hong Kong fishermen
When the "Antique Boat" meets the "Historic monument", what kind of spark will come out! The museum, which has a history of more than 100 years, is like the Dukling, witnessing the growth of Hong Kong; it is surrounded by different Hong Kong stories; one of the main characters is the "Dukling Spirit". The first boutique shop of Dukling officially entered the Tai Kwun. Apart from allowing visitors get to know the splendid history of Dukling, there are also a number of theme cultural areas in the store. The Qipao featured design by Dukling, the role-playing costumes that match the theme of the Tai Kwun museum, hang around and take pictures in the ancient buildings full of artistic atmosphere, cherish the past, while savouring the immortal feelings. From time to time, we will hold a variety of traditional craft workshops so that we can cherish the old Hong Kong characteristics and hope that these traditions will be preserved and passed on.