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Art After Hours: Influenzers 你我相隔 (多麼遠) Performative Workshop with Enoch Cheng

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1/F, JC Contemporary

Infectious disease spreads rapidly in densely populated places. During the outbreak of epidemics, the distance between people becomes the major barrier of how one protects oneself in order to survive. Participants will be asked to share personal stories about their body such as illnesses, wishes, or fears.  

This performative workshop will explore the physical and psychological proximity between people to reimagine ways of relating to each other. Departing from the work of artist Enoch Cheng, Influenzers mobilises the idea of the living score that is built through collaboration. Guided by Cheng, the participants will develop movements through looking at, walking with, and sharing with one another. Through the development of this performance score, participants will tease out the subtleties between individual experience and that of a collective. The participants will then embody this score and perform it among the wider public. Previous training is not required. Participants will be expected to actively connect with each other without much physical contact.