Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy
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Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy






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The exhibition “Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy”, curated by Hing Chao and Roberto Gotti, is a multi-dimensional presentation of China and Italy’s warrior and sword traditions from the Classical era through to the Early Modern age. The first mixed-media exhibition of its kind, the exhibition includes over 50 historic swords and polearms, over 20 sixteenth-century martial art manuscripts and books, as well as a range of historic objects related to the martial cultures in China and Italy.

At the same time, drawing on City University of Hong Kong professor and new media curator Jeffrey Shaw’s world-leading expertise in new media, “Way of the Sword” offers a wide range of immersive and interactive experiences in order to bring viewers through a historic journey of the sword, ultimately arriving at the twenty-first century when historic martial arts in Italy and China converge upon a common path of rediscovery and exchange.

The exhibition also features photography by Almond Chu, Chinese ink art paintings by Lin Haizhong, Zheng Li, and Lee Chi Ching, as well as a selection of animations and documentary film specially commissioned for this exhibition.