In addition to its heritage, arts and lifestyle enjoyments programmes, Tai Kwun will provide visitors with a unique mix of food & beverage and shops specially selected to provide a wide range of options to meet the varying and multiple demands of visitors to the site.

Opportunities for Retail Operators

(Closing Date: 18 Jan 2021)

01 Police Headquarters Block

G/F Shop 01-G03 and Store G14

G/F Shop 01-G04 & G05 and Store G15

(Closing Date: 26 February 2021) 

03 Barrack Block

2/F Shop 03-204A

2/F Shop 03-205A

2/F Shop 03-206

2/F Shop 03-207 & 208

10&13 Superintendent‘s House & C Hall

G/F Shop 10&13-G03

Opportunities for F&B Operators

(Closing Date: 26 February 2021) 

01 Police Headquarters Block

G/F Shop 01-G08

Leasing Contact

Enquiry: Leasing Agent — Lawrence Wan

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